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Big week for me in gadget world

March 2, 2011 - Pam Rodgers
This week has started off really good for me. I mean REALLY good. I made a leap in the conversion of me as a “PC person” to a “Mac person” when my new MacBook arrived Monday. All of my video editing somehow made it a necessity for me to get my own instead of stealing my Dad’s all the time. It is now fully set up, and I am ready to begin my file transferring, which seems like a daunting task!

For the record, I will be hanging on to my Dell laptop for now as it has my life on it. I haven’t completely decided to transfer everything, so for the time being, I will be a two laptop person.

Back to the Mac, I have taken a break from video editing because of my own MacBook was on its way. I have started some file transfers. My video projects and raw video transferred from Dad’s to mine without a hitch, so now I’m ready to dive back into that and start some new projects.

My focus has become somewhat distracted from my new computer; however, because I reached the time in every cell phone user’s life when they can get an upgrade. When I first started my Verizon plan, I went with the basic flip phone that handled all of calling and txting needs. I always knew when it came time to upgrade, I would make the switch to a smartphone. This desire only intensified in the past few months, because, as I have mentioned before, I borrowed my brother’s old iPhone. I loved having those capabilities, but it also got cumbersome to carry around two mobile devices all the time.

Now for the payoff, I ordered a new phone from Verizon on Sunday, and it arrived Tuesday! I got a LG Vortex. It has a touch screen like an iPhone but I am finding lots of differences. It in the android family so I will learning the ins and outs of that market. I will have fun browsing the apps and finding ones that would work for me. It’s exciting to finally have something that feels like mine instead of something borrowed.

I will still use the phone primarily for calling and txting but it will be nice when I’m on the go to have access to the 3G network and my e-mail. The iPhone needed a wireless signal otherwise it was only good for music and games. I’m still adjusting to the Vortex’s touch screen. The phone itself is narrower than the original iPhone so I’ll have to be more precise in my typing. I also used T9 on my flip phone for txting so I’ll have adjust to typing everything out. It will be a fun journey.

So now I’m all set for my new toys, and extemporaneous purchases. I will now have to watch my extra expenses. I think if I don’t buy anything except gas and food from now until July, I’ll be OK. Thank God for tax returns!


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