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The end of my hiatus

April 19, 2011 - Pam Rodgers
So I realized that I had been blogging about one particular subject ... a lot. So I decided to not blog about it for a while and see how that goes. Well, I am breaking my silence about this subject ... “Chuck” (at least my “blog-silence” because I’ve still been talking about it). Monday’s episode, “Chuck vs. the Wedding Planner” is one of the best episodes this season. It really brought to life all the things that make Chuck great and made me fall in love with the show all over again.

Chuck is a show that doesn’t take itself to seriously. It’s a spy show, but not really. The main focus is family and heart, and show has a lot of it. Chuck, Sarah, Ellie, Awesome (Devon), Colonel Casey and Morgan are all really fantastic, likable characters that make you love to tune in every Monday night.

Chuck 4.21 brought back Gary Cole as Sarah’s dad, and even on paper, I was really looking forward to that. Sarah’s father, con-man Jack Burton was great in his one and only appearance in season two, and I have been hoping for a reappearance ever since Chuck and Sarah got engaged.

Cole was great as Jack and there were plenty of heartfelt scene’s between Jack and Sarah (played by Yvonne Strahovski). It’s no secret that Sarah is my favorite character on the show, largely because of the brilliance of Strahovski’s acting. This episode was Sarah-centric, and I always love those.

It’s great to see the CIA’s best get back to her con-girl roots when she needs her dad’s help to pull off a mission. (Chuck and Sarah were suspended in the first half of the episode because they misused CIA resources to catch their con-women of a wedding planner.) The quickly thrown together wedding reception was even better than when they took over an entire office building in season two.

The flashback scenes were great. We got a little peak into what Sarah was like as a little girl, and how much she worshiped her father before she fully understood what he was doing. It was nice to see how much she loved him as a girl. The end scene reaffirmed that even though Sarah accepts that Jack isn’t a good man, she still loves her father the same way she always has.

The B story line had just as much heart. In season three, we learn that Casey had a fiancee before faking his death, changing his name and joining a black-ops group for the military. Since that episode, Casey has reunited with his daughter, Alex, but has yet to tell his former fiancee, Kathleen that he was alive. Casey finally comes face-to-face with her in this episode. The scene was well played by Adam Baldwin and Clare Carey. The were several feet away but you could feel the tension between them. There was no “kiss and make-up” but a nice disbelief followed by acceptance, which is what I would expect after 22 years of being without one another. It’s heartbreaking but satisfying at the same time.

Two other points worth mentioning both deal with Sarah. It was a stroke of genius to have her imitate Chuck’s face when he flashes (that’s what happens when the Intersect in Chuck’s brain, recognizes something and send the information/skill flash to Chuck so he can use them; it’s mythology behind the show so if don’t get it, watch it and catch up!) The other great touch was Sarah’s amazing jersey accent. You would never know that Yvonne is from Australia! So awesome!

So lots of heart, good comedy and a little action mixed in, it was quite an episode!


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