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See you in Season 5!

May 17, 2011 - Pam Rodgers
At the end of March, I was beginning to doubt the fate of my favorite show, Chuck. The ratings dipped to an all time low. For context, ratings across the board in television have been falling, proving how outdated the Nielsen’s Rating system really is. Anyway, because of the decline in ratings, I began to wonder if the season four finale would be the end of the road for my favorite spy team.

Then, last Wednesday, my hopes were restored when some reputable news sources leaked that season five of Chuck was “likely.” Official word was released on Friday that Chuck would be returning for a fifth AND FINAL season. The bittersweet news made me very happy. I am glad that next year, Chuck fans won’t have to go though the will they/won’t they rounds of cancellation. We will just know the end is coming and will can enjoy the final chapter of Chuck.

NBC held its conference call on Sunday to announce its Fall line-up and NBC revealed that Chuck would be moving to Friday nights at 7 for its swan song season. It will be nice finally find out how the show does without having to go up against such tough competition in the Monday 8/7c time slot.

So now I could enjoy Monday’s SEASON finale knowing that I will get one more year of Team Bartowski. Monday’s finale was an intense episode. So much had to happen in the 42 minutes of show I wasn’t sure it was possible, but they pulled it off. Every major plot point of season four was resolved and because the name of the episode is “Chuck vs the Cliffhanger,” I knew something was going to happen at the end that would open the gates for season five.

** If you haven’t watched the episode, don’t read past this point unless you want the cliffhanger spoiled **

So in the last two minutes of the finale, the season five set up came in a very unexpected way. Now fired from the CIA, the newly married Chuck and Sarah have inherited close to a billion dollars, purchased the Buy More and the abandoned CIA base below and are thinking of starting their own spy firm. OK, that has potential. They go rogue half the time anyway so it cuts out a step. I just hope they find a way to integrate General Beckman back into the plot. I love her.

The real twist has to do with the mythology of the show. The only reason Chuck got into the spy world was because of the Intersect (a government supercomputer that was downloaded into his brain). Mid-way through the finale, a jerk of a CIA agent suppressed Chuck’s intersect leaving him to solve the rest of the episode’s problems with his own intelligence(*). At the end, Beckman left Chuck a box of his personal effects with a pair of sunglasses that have been known to contain the intersect included. One last gift from the beloved General. However, Chuck’s best friend Morgan finds the glasses first, puts them on and downloads the intersect into his brain.

Hmm ... I’m not really sure of my full opinion of the twist. At first, I was really angry. The Intersect has always been Chuck’s thing because he’s special. He seems to be the only one capable of handling it without going crazy or turning into a robot. So the idea that his idiot friend Morgan know has it is a little hard to digest right away. I have decided to just roll with it until next season. I’m so glad NBC gave Chuck a season five to give the creators a chance to explain this because I would have hated for the show to end this way!


(*)I have to admit as much as I like Chuck having the Intersect, I like that he got to use his own natural abilities to save Sarah. It helps prove that Chuck becoming an agent wasn’t a accident, that he was meant to do this and he can be successful with or without the computer in his brain.


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