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‘Green Lantern’ not as bad as they say

June 22, 2011 - Pam Rodgers
I’d read the reviews, none of them were in favor of the newly release DC comic book hero movie adaptation “Green Lantern.” My initial interest was cut in half, and I wasn’t sure if I’d see it in theaters or not. My family asked me to go and it’s not in my nature to turn down a trip to the movies so I agreed. I’m glad I did.

My expectation being as they were, I was pleasantly surprised by the movie. I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. There was a lot of action, romance, drama and even some comedy. What more can you ask for? There were parts that moved to quickly and didn’t always make complete sense but overall it was an enjoyable two hours.

I was worried they would spend too much on the “set-up” drama of him becoming Green Lantern like some comic book movies have done in the past, but I thought they balanced it quite well.

I like Ryan Reynolds and thought he played the lead very well. His personality fit the daredevil-like hero that is Hal Jordan/Green Lantern. Many have complained about Blake Lively’s performance as Carol Ferris, but I thought she did a decent job. It’s a hard role to be the love interest in a comic book adaptation. The writers never seem to be sure how much content to give them.

I am not familiar with the comic book lore of the Green Lantern series, and I think that might be an advantage for the movie. Being in the dark about everything didn’t taint what I saw on the screen. The die-hard fans could probably see the holes in the story, and I was glad I wasn’t sitting there picking it apart instead of enjoying the action packed movie.

So once again, my views don’t match up with the critics, surprise surprise ... not.

Oh P.S. we didn’t splurge for the 3D version of the film. The Rodgerses aren’t that taken with the gimmick, and I don’t think we really missed out on anything. The special effects were cool without the plastic glasses to make them “jump” out at you. So see it in 3D if you want but you could save a few bucks and not miss out on anything, in my opinion.


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