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August 1, 2008 - Wes Burns
My faithful readers I implore you! I did not know!

To the many readers of A Stranger's Opinion it must have come as a shock that your beloved blogger had no post for Tuesday. "Without the blog, however will we know the latest blatherskite of the Marshalltownaratti?"

Your Marshalltown blatherskit for the day: Taco Johns has started to serve breakfast. Judging solely from the pictures provided in the poorly photocopied leaflette the breakfast consists of regular menu items with the meat de jure replaced with egg-like substitute. And more potato ole's. Who is going to eat a taco salad that, instead of lettuce, is lined with potato ole's? In the morning? The promise of commercial-testimonial worthy heartburn made me yearn for the days when leaflettes only advertised lukewarm local punk bands and discount TVs.

Strangers, I can assure you that my lack of post came as a shock to me as well. I have distinct memories of sitting down at my laptop, logging into the page, and laughing to myself as I wrote about the unavailability of good coffee in this town. Then it all kind of came off the rails.

At this point I'm not sure about the next series of events but I can only assume it went something like this: I finished what was clearly a Webby worthy blog entry and proceeded to post for the day. I then silenced my phone so as to avoid the throngs of supports and well-wishers and drifted peacefully off to sleep to awake only to the sounds of delicate birds and the fresh breeze of summer.

Now, if you ask the Tech support guy, the series of events was somewhat less favorable: I logged into the server, typed for about an hour, and then closed the page without posting the entry. I don't care for his characterization of the events. Although that would explain why there was no post, or why I don't remember writing the last paragraph or why I DO remember waking up on my couch early that morning instantly regretting the previous night's heroic intake of salsa con queso.

Still...I prefer my version.

This is the last time this is going to happen Strangers, and that is a promise. I know, as many of you I'm sure are now thinking, yes I did miss a previous post but that was to research the 80/35 concert; all very professional. My commitment is strong and my reslove unshakable. Never again, dear readers, lest we all forget.

And I'm still angry about the coffee.


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