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'Captain America' gets an A ... minus

August 8, 2011 - Pam Rodgers
Well the summer of sequels and comic book heroes has given us plenty on entertainment at the box office. "Captain America" definitely fits the bill. It is action packed, interesting and the special effects are really good. The only complaint I really had about the movie was how it ended. Don't get me wrong, it sets up a lot of potential for the Avengers series but it was a little abrupt and the final line of dialog was weird.

Besides that, I really enjoyed the two-hour action flick. One of the coolest special effects was how they made Chris Evans the tiny version of Steve Rogers at the beginning of the movie before he is injected with the serum that turns him into Captain America. It shrunk the well built 6 foot Chris Evans to a 5 foot nothing scrawny human being. It had it's problems, but for the most part the effect worked. I again skipped the 3D version and didn't miss it. Go for it if you like it but 2D is just fine, thank you.

Hugo Weaving plays the villain "Red Skull" and does it well as always. The man knows how the play the bad guy (see the Matrix if you don't believe me). During the opening scene all I wanted Weaving was say "Hello, Mr. Anderson" but I knew that wasn't going to happen. Once I got past that, it was great to see him in the role.

The writers and creators did a good job fitting it in the WWII time period. It was great that they kept that part true to the comic book ... at least for this movie. The other superheroes have been adapted to present day, which is where the end comes into play, but I don't want to give anything away.

You will want to stay until the end of the credits because it has one final scene like the rest of the Marvel comic book movies. It brought my opinion back up and had me wishing they has ended with that scene in the actual movie. The final scene was followed by a trailer for the first Avengers movie and that is something I'll be looking forward too next year.

So I give the movie and A- (it would have been an A but that ending ... ugh!). If you are into the superheroes movies, add Captain America to your list.


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