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Castle dangling the bait for its viewers

March 29, 2012 - Pam Rodgers
I have watched Castle since it first aired about three years ago. I am pretty sure it’s at the top of my show list, but I have been dragging my feet in declaring it my “favorite show” since Chuck just ended. Castle can be a frustrating show, at times, and last Monday’s episode was just maddening enough to make me angry at the current storyline.

Castle is a show with a classic will they/won’t they relationship with the two main characters, Rick Castle and Kate Beckett. Last season during the final seconds of the finale, Castle admitted he loved Becket as she lay bleeding from a gunshot wound to the chest. Talk about your cliche endings.

OK, so I really loved that episode, but I’m willing to roll my eyes at the concept. At the beginning of the current season, Beckett told Castle she didn’t remember anything about when she got shot, only to tell her PTSD therapist at the end of the episode that she remembered everything, and you are left to assume it includes his declaration of love.

I could just picture what the show’s creators were going to do with this stormy secret, and Monday kicked off the beginning of that.

Beckett unknowingly admitted to Castle that she remembered everything about when she got shot. She was interrogating a suspect and used her shooting as a mechanism to try to get him to confess to a bombing. Unbeknownst to Beckett, Castle was watching from the box behind the one-way mirror. And of course instead confronting her about it, he ran to his mother and talked to her about it instead. That was the part really irked me.

To Castle, Beckett not telling her she heard him was a slap in the face. I get that, but that fact that he thinks his love is all a big joke to her is so stupid if you ask me. He’s really going to go there even before asking Kate for confirmation first. What if she was lying to the suspect? If she really thought it was a big joke, would she have gone to bat for him to keep him as her partner with the new chief? Soooooo dumb.

Despite his conclusion, Castle gallantly returns to the police station to work along side the woman who he believes has turned him down. (Well obviously, that’s the point of the show.)

As a viewer, you know that Beckett feels the same way about Castle, duh (and I don’t use that word lightly). At the time of his admission, she was dealing with the heavy situation of almost dying. Beckett was also still wrapped up in her mom’s murder case. So instead of dealing with her own feelings for Castle, Beckett hid the fact that she remembered as a defense mechanism until she was ready to tell him too.

Maybe it wasn’t the smartest thing to do, but her character has had a tough time admitting her feelings the whole series; so, it wasn’t all that surprising (plus it’s a TV show and that’s good drama ... oh, boy!). But in the season opener, she had a mostly honest chat with Castle about where she stood with relationships. She told Castle she wanted to be with him without actually saying the words. Beckett’s condition was that she needed to get her mom’s case behind her. Castle seemed to forget that conversation awfully fast.

And let us not forget that Castle has his own big secret to tell as he continues to work on Beckett’s mother’s murder case while encouraging her to step away from it. Sure he’s doing it because some guy he doesn’t know called him and told him too; otherwise, they were going to continue to try to kill Beckett. But you can just predict the anger that will be coming ... more drama to look forward too, yay!

And the web is fully spun.

I have read enough reviews to know that they will keep poking the topic with a needle until the end of the season. It’s so frustrating that two adults can’t act as such and finally have an honest conversation, but that wouldn’t be the “Hollywood way.” We get it creators, it’s too early in the series to get them together. But the contrived story lines are going to get old!

(heavy sigh)

Like a good little viewer, I will chase that string until the end. Don’t worry, I’m judging myself too.


*As an aside, I thought the episode overall was pretty solid. It had a good twist with the “whodunit” reveal. It dealt with a group similar to the Occupy Wall street and during a protest, a bomb went off killing five innocent people. There was some outstanding acting throughout the episode so props to the cast! My issues with the episode are in the writing not the acting. This cast is great in my opinion.


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