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Procrastination vs curiosity

April 4, 2012 - Pam Rodgers
I live with my parents, mostly because they don’t charge rent, and I grew up in the area. It just makes sense. Our laundry set up has always been in the basement of our home. We have a clothesline of nylon rope where we hang shirts and pants that we don’t want to put in the dryer. Over the years, we have had to replace the rope because it eventually wears down against the metal hooks.

Well, over the past few weeks, the rope has been showing some serious wear, and I was positive that it was going to snap any day, with a full load of clothes of course. Did we do anything about it? NO! Either due to procrastination or intense curiosity, we let it continue to pull and unravel, holding our breath with each article hung on the line.

Sunday evening, I had just returned home from work and my mother asked for some help to hang up clothes. I naturally agreed and went downstairs to assist her. We had just finished putting the last article of clothing on the line and headed toward the stairs when we heard a snap and a big whoosh as the clothes fell to the basement floor.


After our initial pause out of shock, mom and I moved swiftly into action. She picked up one side of the rope to try to keep the clothes furthest from the break off the ground (it snapped pretty much in the middle). I picked up the other side and handed the end to mom. She acted as a temporary link between the broken pieces, while I set to work with the clothes that weren’t so lucky.

I picked up the freshly washed clothing and set them on the washing machine, temporarily. Luckily, we have secondary lines in other rooms of the basement for overflow if we do too much laundry in one day. Why weren’t we using those in the first place, you ask? Probably for the same reasons why we didn’t just replace the rope in the first place, but I digress.

Because mom didn’t want to stand holding to clothes line up while they dried, I went about moving the still hanging clothes to these other ropes in the basement. With the clothes moved to a secure area, mom was able to relinquish her steady position and examine the damage done.

Fortunately, we had been in the basement when the line broke so the clothes hadn’t had time to collect the dust that had unavoidably collected on the floor. Therefore, we didn’t have to rewash anything. Just a little dusting off in places. Phew!

Curiosity about how long the rope will hold is now fully sated, we are now left with the procrastination to fix the problem. There is a plan in the works to put up a metal bar so we don’t have to do this is the future; however, I doubt that happens anytime soon. Today I picked up some more nylon rope to at least replace the old one. The process begins once more.


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