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Finale frenzy

May 20, 2012 - Pam Rodgers
Well it’s that time of year. All the major television series in prime time are wrapping up their seasons for the summer hiatus. Usually the shows are trying to create that spark that will keep fans anticipating its return in the fall (assuming it gets renewed by its network of course.)

As for my favorites, it has been a roller coaster ride of excitement, sadness and yes, anger.

Now as my blogs have indicated, I have quite a few shows in my TiVo To Do list so I will try to talk about them all briefly. I will just talk about the scripted shows I watch that I watch every week. I watch others on occasion but I won’t include those. And I’m going to just ignore the “reality” shows I watch.

* Spoiler Alert: I should at least warn those reading that I do reveal certain things about the episodes. If you haven’t seen the episodes and don’t wish to ruin the story lines, stop here.*

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we.

Castle was the first show to air it’s season ender. It has a classic “will they/won’t they” situation with its main characters. In the finale they creators gave the fans their “finally” moment when the Castle and Becket were finally honest about their feelings for each other and had a moment. Now fans will have to wait the whole summer to see the conclusion of that scene.

Last Man Standing didn’t have a classic season ender. The Tim Allen sitcom had a regular episode with possible changes for the future. I originally thought the show was canceled but ABC will be bringing it back in November.

The Big Bang Theory had a very sweet ending. Sitcoms never have huge cliffhangers but they season has building toward a Howard and Bernadette wedding at the same time he is preparing to a space mission. Well, the two love birds tied the knot before Howard had to leave for Russia to go up the Space Station. The finale scene was touching as all of Howard’s friends watch the launch on TV, hoping for his safe return.

Once Upon A Time (my favorite new drama of the year) had a spectacular ending. it’s hard to describe the build up because it has essentially been piling on the entire year. It such a complex and compelling drama that it’s season ender promised to be nothing but outstanding and it delivered on all counts. Watch the show and see for yourself.

SMASH had a very satisfying ending. I have been rooting for Karen to get the lead in the musical since the first episode aired. It was great to finally see her shine as Marilyn Monroe.

NCIS really had a four-part series finally. The last four episodes of the year were dedicated to the newest terrorist Gibbs and his team was chasing. The show ended with a bomb, with the whole team caught in it in some capacity. The most unsettling part was when medical examiner, Ducky, collapsed holding his left side in the final frames of the show. I was sad that they would choose to end the show this way. But since David McCallum just signed on for two years, I’m not too worried about his fate, but crazier things have happened.

NCIS Los Angeles weaved a big web of conspiracy by one man. Agent G Callen was arrested at the end and the head of the team, Hetty signed her resignation. It will be interesting to see how they get out of that mess in the fall.

Grey’s Anatomy was the one that made me angry [this will be the longest, sorry]. I knew that a character was going to die but Lexie Grey was one of my favorite characters on the show and I am mad and sad at the same time that she will not be returning to the show. Upon further research, Chyler Leigh (who plays Lexie) needed to leave the show for personal reasons. It makes it easier to take but I hate that this was how they ended her character’s journey. Another of my favorite characters will not be returning, Teddy Altman played by Kim Raver. Raver’s contract is up and her character took a job at a a military hospital. The most maddening thing is that the show ended with five characters still in the woods with no real hope of surviving until the rescue. It definitely wasn’t one of my favorite Grey’s episode. Guess will have to see what Shonda Rhimes cooks up for us when season nine opens in the fall.

Phew! That’s it. Now the wait for fall begins.


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