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Steady as she goes

June 24, 2012 - Pam Rodgers
I realized that I hadn’t written a blog for awhile. So as I’m trying to think of a topic, my mind goes completely blank. I haven’t seen any movies of note lately. My television schedule has been dormant as of late. I’m playing lots of softball and going to my parent’s games (they are softball coaches in case you didn’t know). So my life has been pretty steady these last month.

The biggest news was my sister buying a house in Chariton. So throughout this month, I have been going to help her get all situated in her new place. The latest project: staining her deck.

That was a fun experience. Trish and I had both done this once before. During our college years, we both had the summer job of helping clean the GMG High School building while school wasn’t in session. We were hired as painters and ended up doing just about anything we were told.

The administrative building for the school is in a white house to the west of the school building. It has a deck on the front and we were asked to stain it. It really is easier that painting a wall. but you have to be careful to get the correct consistency so the deck doesn’t look “splotchy.”

We are a pretty great team and we had the deck done in about three hours (not too bad for a morning of work).

Our handy-work was immediately tested when it rained the next day. (Thank God it was more than 24 hours after application as the instructions on the can suggests.) The deck held up like a dream. The water beaded on top of the stain as it was supposed to. We may need to put a second coat on it but we ran out of stain.

Not to worry, she has a deck in the front of the house too. So we get to do the whole process over again. Something I’m surely looking forward too ... well, maybe.



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