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‘Rock of Ages’ an 80s concert with a plot

July 2, 2012 - Pam Rodgers
I am a big fan of musicals. I was very excited when I heard they were making another stage musical, “Rock of Ages” into the movie.

I hadn’t had the opportunity to see the show on stage. The music was fantastic. I am a fan of 80s rock music so it was like going to a cover band’s concert.

The plot was a little odd at times. Tom Cruise definitely played a metal head rocker and I imagine some of those people can be really strange. He had a surprisingly good singing voice, so that was a bonus.

Julianne Hough played a great Sherri. I’ve been a fan of hers since she started on “Dancing with the Stars.” The movie really showcased her versatility. Diego Boneta has a fantastic voice. He really fit the part of Drew very well.

It was strange seeing Alec Baldwin sing. I think they could have cast someone better for the role. He and Paul Giamatti just shouldn’t sing, in my opinion.

Russell Brand was funny. His character, Lonny, was a bit strange but he definitely added some comic relief.

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Mary J. Blige both had small parts but they both played them very well.

Overall, “Rock of Ages” was a pretty good. The creative team made some odd choices that keep me from really singing it's praises. It wasn’t my favorite movie ever but it wasn’t the worst movie I had ever seen. It's a movie I definitely want to see again. And who knows maybe the second time it will really rock!



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