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Claudius and Pepper

July 9, 2012 - Mike Donahey
I don’t think pets can replace children but we have a cat and a dog who do their best.

Claudius our cat and Pepper are good pets — they have kept my wife and I company since our two daughters moved on to adventures life has to offer.

Both are fun and have "personalities" (pet owners know what I mean). We’ve had Claudius about 18 months - he was living at the Animal Rescue League and found a home with us. At 16 pounds he is a big cat. Our veterinarian said he’s very muscular — which I can attest as I’ve tried to hold him many times while my wife tried to trim his long claws. And you know he’s there when he sits in your lap and stretches while digging those claws into your clothes for more leverage. He woke me up recently in a unique way which I will get to later.

Pepper is a “Schnoodle” (Schnauzer and Poodle) that was given to us by my sister-in-law. He too is good sized — about 50 pounds. We’ve had him several years — he’s a good boy and was a reliable watchdog while our youngest was at home alone sometimes as my wife and I were away. Pepper barks when strangers are at the door or when he hears unfamiliar sounds — all good in a neighborhood which once was experiencing too many break-ins.

To Claudius — he likes to sleep near my head for some unknown reason. Early one morning he was maneuvering around an elevated night-stand near our bed getting into position and discovered a tall glass of water. He somehow tipped it onto to my sleeping head! I was awake in an instant and heard him running off.

Most days my cell phone serves as my alarm clock — and I’ll take that over cold water on my face any day. However, I learned my lesson not to keep water by the nightstand so Claudius won't be tempted.



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