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Getting a glimpse of the President

August 15, 2012 - Pam Rodgers

It was an interesting feeling Tuesday when I was standing out on Main Street waiting for President Obama’s bus to roll into town. I looked out the windows of the T-R office a half hour or so before he was supposed arrive, and I could see people already beginning to line-up, thinking there was a chance his bus could drive by.

Then, I saw two different units of the Secret Service with police dogs doing a security sweep of the cars parked on Main Street. We were never told for sure what his route into town would be but this was a pretty good sign that Main Street would be included.

Then my sister calls me on her way home to Chariton. She told me something like “I just got waved off the road by like eight cop cars in Laurel. I think the President is coming through soon.” So not wanting to miss the rare opportunity, she pulls off and waits to see if the bus is on its way. Sure enough while she was still on the phone with me, she sees the big black bus drive through the small town. Naturally, I knew that he was close and went outside to get a decent spot.

So I’m standing with some of my fellow Times-Republican colleagues awaiting the arrival of Obama’s charter bus. I had my phone at the ready to take a quick photo when the bus came through.

We had ample warning because about 20 police cruisers came through first. Then I looked up and you could see the bus turn down Main Street off of Center. I didn’t know if he would even be visible on the bus, but as it got closer you could see he was standing at the front, waving to the crowd.

I took a less than spectacular photo but you can see a shape that sort of resembles Obama in the windshield of the bus. I can officially say that I saw the current President, and I didn’t even have to go farther than my place of work.

I think is it important to point out that I don’t identify with either political party, and I even consider myself more conservative than liberal. That being said, I was nonetheless excited about the prospect of seeing the President of the United States. It would seem almost un-American to not to want to catch a glimpse of our country’s leader.

So I saw Obama on his historic visit to Marshalltown, even it was just for a fleeting moment as his bus drove past. But I will forever be able to claim that President Obama waved at me.



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