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I just rewatched 'The Fugitive'

August 27, 2012 - Wes Burns
So, I just rewatched 'The Fugitive.'

Remember 'The Fugitive?' The one with Harrison Ford? Tommy Lee Jones? A strange, late in the third act appearance by a young(er) Jane Lynch?

Yeah, you remember it. Everybody does. And nobody has it.

Let me explain: I had plans tonight with a friend to watch 'The Fugitive.' Why? We both remembered it being an excellent movie, but neither of us had seen it since sometime in the 90s. On VHS.

So with a movie as popular as 'The Fugitive' I decided that it had been out for long enough that I could just pick it up at Wal-Mart. Why rent a movie for a dollar when you could buy the same movie for about four dollars more?

So my first call was to the good people at Wal-Mart. I was connected to the electronic section, offering them a simple question.

Me: "Hey, do you guys have 'The Fugitive' on DVD?"

The response?

Wal-Mart guy: (excited) "Oh, yeah! Well, hang on, let me find out."

Minutes pass.

Wal-Mart guy: (dejected) No, we don't have it.

The same conversation then occurred with the electronics department at K-Mart. Same elation at the idea of 'The Fugitive', same dower tone of voice after realizing they don't have it in stock.

I had a similar conversation at the local Red Box outlets in town, but since they are inanimate objects, the conversation was decidedly shorter. And more bitter.

Stupid machines.

Finally I was able to secure a copy at Family Video. And thankfully so, because after watching the movie again we both realized that 'The Fugitive' is excellent. The pacing, the suspense, the thumping midi drum rhythm of a 90s generic action movie soundtrack; all in all a phenomenal film that frankly needs to get back into the popular rotation on cable.

Alright, maybe no cable channel wants to show a movie from the 90s based on a TV show from the 60s. But some local store should keep a few copies in the $5 DVD bin; you never know when people are going to want a late night dose of an early 90s cinema masterpiece.



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