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The game of superstitions

September 12, 2012 - Pam Rodgers

It a great time of year now that all forms of football are in full swing. Whether it’s a live high school game or college/NFL on TV, it’s exciting to get to watch the game again.

Something that I have always been aware of is how superstitious certain people can be while watching the game. If the team had a big drive because you tapped the remote against your leg, you try it again just in case it helps your team win.

Some of superstitions are fairly amusing. If someone gets up to go the kitchen to get more snacks, then your team throws for a touchdown, that person is bound to the kitchen until the next bad thing occurs. As if your location has anything to do with what is going on in the gridiron hundreds if not thousands miles away. Or if you were standing and a touchdown was scored, you remain standing just to be sure sitting down won't cause something catastrophic to happen.

Other superstitions aren’t made in the heat of the moment. Some people have their “spot” that they have to be during every game. People can have a particular T-shirt that they wear while watching. It can be as simple as what snacks and beer are present during the game. The list is endless and is unique to every person who subscribes to this belief.

These are not exclusive to the home, fans or football, for that matter. Several players in all kinds of different sports will where the same undershirt, socks or other articles of clothing or accessories if they think they are helping with a winning streak. I know when I was playing any kind of sport, I would try do things the same. Whether it was they way I tied my shoes or how many warm-up tosses I took for the shot put, I would try to keep true to what was "working." As Bull Durham taught me, “You don’t mess with a winning streak.”

Conversely if things weren’t going my way, I would try to change as many subtle things as possible. What socks I wore, the shirt I wore in warm ups, which direction I ran my plyometrics, the list could go on.

These are also things I would never talk about. If you think it’s making you lucky or unlucky, you don’t blab it to everyone. It kills the illusion.

So all these little quirks have nothing to do with the actual game going on, but who cares. If you believe it helps, well than it does. I do know that I will be burning the Hawks T-shirt I was wearing during Saturday's game. ;)



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