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Patriots at top of first-ever NFL Power Rankings

September 12, 2012 - Andy Heintz
The National Football League is under way and what a first weekend it was in professional football. Some expected good teams dominated, while others fell flat on their face. The over-reacting is priceless and the thought that some of those teams are going to stink is hilarious.

What makes sports great is that there can always be a debate. Hopefully, fans can see both sides of the arguments, but that is tough when it involves conversations and debates about your own teams. I have loyalties just like everyone else. But the older I get, the ore perspective I try to put on sports.

It has been a standing tradition of mine to put together a shortened version of the NFL Power Rankings on a social networking site and leave the rest up for heavy debate. Well, you're in luck. I have decided to move those topics to my blog to hopefully reach more readers and open up an even bigger debate/conversation.

Remember, be nice. It's only a game. And these rankings are nothing personal against any one team and I will try to leave by biases out of it.

National Football Power Rankings

Week 1

1. New England Patriots -- Not sure yet if they are the best team but they deserve this spot because they were impressive in Week 1 and until someone beats them, they are No. 1. Plus, they have one of the league's best QBs, which always gives you a chance to win.

2. San Francisco 49ers -- The Niners perhaps had the most impressive win of the first weekend, going into Green Bay and knocking off the favored Packers with relative ease. The throwback, old-school style of football that Jim Harbaugh has brought back to the Bay Area can be taken anywhere and it will usually always show up on the game field.

3. Baltimore Ravens -- The Ravens were impressive in Week 1, but I am not sure how good the Bengals are. Still, the new no-huddle look offense was fantastic. I need more time to see if that is going to continue, but they looked awfully good Sunday.

4. Houston Texans -- I have liked this team for the past few seasons, but injuries to the offense have derailed any hopes of a legitimate Super Bowl run. With Peyton Manning gone from the division, Houston is the odds-on favorite from hear on out to win the league title. The only question remaining is how they are going to replace some losses to the defensive side of the field.

5. Green Bay Packers -- Yes, the Packers did not look great in Week 1, but they easily had the toughest game on the schedule even though they were playing at home. Anytime you open the season against another Super Bowl contender, the game usually can go either way and a lot of over-reacting is done to the one that loses. The Packers offense is still elite and as long as Aaron Rodgers is healthy, they have a shot.

6. Chicago Bears -- Jay Cutler is already running his mouth about his toys at wide receivers. It is time for the Bears to put up or shut up. And if they can go into Lambeau Field and make the Packers 0-2, they certainly will move into the top five next week. I love the defense still, and if Cutler can't cut it, there's always Matt Forte in the backfield.

7. Dallas Cowboys -- Another impressive win came from the Cowboys, who went into Giants Stadium and punked the defending champions in their house. Fast starts are common in Dallas though. The true question of how good they will be in December remains to be seen. This team can honestly be in the top five or they can fall flat on their faces again. To be continued...

8. Atlanta Falcons -- The Saints and Panthers lost so Atlanta's impressive offensive showing and victory in Week 1 was big in more than one way. Matt Ryan had a career day and has more than just Roddy White to throw to on the outside now. Julio Jones is the real deal and could help make the Falcons elite. But let's beat someone who is better than average before we put them that high.

9. Denver Broncos -- If I ranked the immediate impact on wins in the first weekend, I would put Denver at No. 3 behind San Francisco and Baltimore. What Peyton Manning and company did against the Pittsburgh Steelers defense was impressive, even though it was at home. The Broncos appear to be the best team in the division but let's see how it plays out and if injuries play a factor in the final outcome.

10. New York Jets -- The Buffalo Bills were supposed to have a re-vamped defense that could vault them up the division, but Mark Sanchez and the Jets made them look silly Sunday. Was this a flash in the pan, or are the Jets on their way back to elite status in the AFC. I think No. 10 is the perfect spot for them this week and we'll see where they can go from here.

Bottom Five: 5. Bills, 4. Colts, 3. Browns, 2. Dolphins, 1. Jaguars.


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