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My quick Revolution follow-up

September 20, 2012 - Pam Rodgers

I finally watched NBC’s Revolution. I admit, the only reason I gave it a shot was because of Executive Producer J.J. Abrams. I liked Alias and Lost so I figured I’d try out his show.

My initial thought following the pilot were, “Well, that’s not the worst thing I’d ever watched.” It was the greatest either. The “power down” at the beginning was a pretty decent sequence and the end twist has me intrigued but everything in between was kinda “meh.”

I think they were going for a Katniss-esque* main character and Charlie (played Tracy Spiridakos) isn’t quite there for me. I can see some potential ... maybe, but they are going to have to move more quickly then they did in the pilot.

The guy who plays Charlie’s brother, Danny isn’t a great actor. So that distracted me from the importance of his role to the plot. And, I thought Billy Burke did a respectable job in the lead role as Charlie’s uncle, Miles. All the other characters didn’t make a big enough impression on me to mention.

The set design was legit. Seeing Wrigley Field over run by green growth looked pretty realistic. It fits the “historic” ballpark persona. Now they just need to the same to Boston’s dump ... I mean Fenway Park.

Overall, I was unenthused by the show. I’ll keep watching in on DVR just to pass the time. If the next few episodes aren’t an improvement, I may abandon the show altogether.


*For those living under a rock, Katiniss is the main character in The Hunger Games, another post-apocalyptic tale set in America.



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