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Sure way to know

September 26, 2012 - Pam Rodgers
We all grew up with teachers we loved and teachers we didn’t. Whether you were outspoken about it or not, I have a feeling the teachers knew which list students put them. Growing up in a family of teachers has allowed me to observe this phenomenon from both sides. Most of the time this can be determined from just one event.

Recently, I had the chance to witness a very specific case with my sister. It was homecoming week at Trish’s school and students at Chariton will T-P their teacher’s homes. Turns out Trish’s students her well enough not to go all out with the time-honored tradition.

Allow me to explain. While she doesn’t really want students to pepper her house with toilet paper, Trish isn’t outspoken against it. She did leave her outside lights on and her windows open as long as she could just to monitor the situation.

When her time came in the shenanigans, her students merely popped up on her deck and said hello through the window (one tried crawling through and after some assistance for Trish made it through). It was a group of her track/softball girls, and she let them in to chat for a minute or two. They didn’t stay long, so as to get to other teacher’s homes.

As they were filing out the door they told Trish they were going to T-P her. Because they like Trish, all they did was wrap T-P around her front deck and her hostas. Then one girl wrote her name in toilet paper in her front yard. It was very minimal.

This is nothing compared to some of the stories I have heard.

Previously that evening, a few of Trish’s former students stopped by to say hi. They regaled us with their T-P adventures that included saran wrapping cars and forking people’s yards. A few of them ended in police chases. Apparently there are teachers in Chariton who take great offense to the T-P tradition, which honestly just makes the teens want to get that house even more. Most of those stories began with some reason the teacher was awful or weird.

I guess going light on the T-P is one way students show their appreciation for their teachers. I think Trish would take an apple over that.



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