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Always trust everything on the Internet

September 30, 2012 - Wes Burns
Words to live by, really.

Now, we all know that everything anybody puts on the Internet is automatically fact checked by a crack team of preeminent historians, physicists, and social psychologists who root out any and all factual errors.

Obviously. Also- I am close, personal friends with Robobcop.

Yet somehow, the jokesters over at The Onion thought that they were above this hard and fast rule of digital communication, and recently posted an article entitled "Gallup Poll: Rural Whites Prefer Ahmadinejad To Obama."

For shame.

Was it funny, The Onion? I'm sure they thought it was. But Iran didn't seem to think it was funny.

Apparently the Iranian news service, which I guess has nothing better to do than sit around the office and read The Onion, rebroadcast this story based on the assumption that it was, you know, true.

Well, thanks for that The Onion. Because you felt you could ignore the second great rule of the internet (the first being cats = money) now its going to be super awkward next time Ahmadinejad and Obama have to talk. Could you imagine a topic of discussion between those two leaders that could possibly be more awkward than this? I didn't think so.



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