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A little chilly but a great visit

October 10, 2012 - Pam Rodgers

Saturday, my family and I enjoyed our annual trip the Omaha Zoo. As luck would have it, it was the coldest weekend of the year. But besides having to pack on the layers to not freeze at the zoo, it was a fun trip.

Honestly, the weather being a bit colder benefited us slightly. We were at the zoo when it opened and there were not as many people as normal. We always go to the cat complex first and it was like having our own personal viewing. It was great.

From there we made our rounds. We were able to fully enjoy the aquarium because it was jam packed with people. We got to sit and enjoy seeing all the big fish swim overhead in the fantastic display. Previously you could only spend a few minutes before feeling like a sardine as you moved through the tunnel.

Then we strolled to the other end of the park were we got to see the sea lions. We had perfect timing because they were getting ready for sea lion training. We got to see the staff teaching the sea lions a number of tricks with the reward of lots of fish. It was cool to see. Some of the tricks were just for show like making them jump or dance. But we also got to see some tricks meant for the sea lion to either play dead or lift their fin so their trainers could examine them for any abnormalities.

The bummer was that it was too cold for some of the animals to be out. There were a few gorillas in the indoor enclosure but the main outdoor areas were empty. It was still quite entertaining to see the little gorilla on the move and putting on a show indoors. It was also too cold for rhinoceros, when we first went there. That really bummed out my dad because they are his favorite animal.

Luckily by mid-day, it warmed up enough so all the animals were out. It just meant that we had to walk to zoo a few more times that expected but it was good hill work for my calves. It also meant more time spent at the cats and I was very OK with that!

One of the highlights of the day was the very last thing. There was a baby giraffe at the zoo and when we were at the giraffe area, we never seemed to be anywhere near where the baby was. Finally, on our trek toward the exit we were in the right place. We got to see the baby munching on leaves three feet from us. We were standing on the deck outside the butterfly house and he came right up to the fence. It was really cool!



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