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MacGyver II ?

October 15, 2012 - Mike Donahey
Some time ago popular television figure “MacGyver” delighted viewers with his clever use of every day items. They were used to help him solve secret-agent type problems, or escape the clutches of bad guys. For example, he could take a hard-boiled egg, a piece of sandpaper, swatch of blue jean and a match to create a smoke screen diversion allowing him to fight on another day while befuddling potential captors.

While I can't compete with MacGyver's problem solving skills, I have a handy tool kept on my key chain which has helped me many times.

It is a small Swiss Army knife.

It was given to me more than a quarter-century ago by my sister and brother-in-law for serving as a groomsman. My name is etched in on the 1.5 inch blade. Time and use has made my name fainter. And other parts of the tool are showing wear after use and dangling from my key chain. One cover has fallen off. The knife blade point broke off years ago while being used to pry something open. Regardless, the broken-tipped blade works — I recently used it as a makeshift butter-knife in slicing up a baked potato. Another blade — a little thicker than the knife — has been used repeatedly as a flat-head screwdriver.

Last but not least are the scissors — which have been used countless times to cut papers, errant eyebrows and wayward hairs elsewhere.

My tool is small but mighty.

And the 1.5-inch knife blade (sans tip) was long enough Washington D.C. airport security officials considered it a weapon. An observant x-ray machine spotted it my baggage, and alerted a security guard who told me it was not allowed and would have to remain with security or I could mail back home.

It being a valuable gift I promptly mailed it back in time to board my flight. No complaints — the guard was doing his job and my Swiss Army Knife is still at home on my key chain.



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