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Breaking radio silence

October 17, 2012 - Pam Rodgers

I made a silent promise to myself not to talk about Dancing with the Stars on my blog. The all-star season is underway and my least favorite “star” ever returned to the ballroom, Bristol Palin. I promised myself two years ago that I wouldn’t rant about DWTS again, though it was very tempting last week after the double elimination of two former champions.

I want to be first point out that I have enjoyed this season of DWTS — more than I have in years. Some of my favorites have returned to the ballroom, including the top three from season eight — Shawn Johnson, Gilles Marini and Melissa Rycroft (it was the best in my opinion).

I didn’t watch the full season when Emmitt Smith won but it was the season that got me hooked on the show. And you can’t go wrong with Apolo Anton Ohno, Drew Lachey, Hélio Castroneves, Sabrina Bryan, the list continues. I was excited about all of the returning stars except one so how could I not love the season. (Well maybe I wasn’t excited for two because of Pamela Anderson but she was the first to go so it wasn’t an issue.)

Let me refresh your memory.

If anyone read my blog two years ago, you may remember a few rants that I had about her staying on until the finals. It wasn’t my proudest moment. Since that season, I have taken a step back from the show and merely watched for entertainment purposes and didn’t get tied into the drama. Hence the “no rants” promise.

When I learned Bristol was going to be on the show again, I was disappointed that the show producers could be so desperate for ratings they would ask a fifth-rate “star” to return, but that’s clearly not my call.

To all the Palin fans out there, I always maintain that my dislike of Bristol on the show is not politically based. It’s the fact that she is not and never will be a star (though that term has been loosely applied since the show began).

The reason I have decided to finally blog about the show was that Bristol was eliminated from competition last night after four weeks. Justice! I know it’s a tough show to be on and it’s hard work, but she clearly didn’t measure up to the level of the other dancers, apart from Kirstie Alley. But at least she is funny and entertaining and doesn’t bring unnecessary drama to rehearsal. Sorry Mark but you got hosed with your returning “star.” No matter what you say, you would have had a better season if you were dancing with Shawn or Sabrina. Just sayin’

OK, that was my one rant for the blog.

Check out the rest of the all-star season. It’s highly entertaining, and you’ve got a great place to start — sans Bristol.



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