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Well, that was a nice 11 days

November 18, 2012 - Wes Burns
Wasn't it great? 11 whole days after the presidential election. 11 days of yards free of political ads. 11 days of news stories that didn't contain the words "Romney" or "Obama." 11 days of no cloying Youtube ads preventing me from watching "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ... which is awesome, by the way.

Well you can kiss it all goodbye because the 2016 election season has already started!

And not "already started" like Chris Matthews or Bill O'Reily talking about who they think is going to run in 2016; this is beyond the mere speculation of Polycephalic Pundit Monster.

Today Sen. Marco "Turned Down Romney's VP Nod" Rubio decided to be the keynote speaker at a birthday party for his new best friend, Gov. Terry Branstad.

Rubio gave a 24 minute speech about how we can all turn around the national economy by making poor people richer, not by taxing high income individuals.

You know, just like your last birthday.

Lets get past the idea that anything about the friendship between these two is anything but craven political maneuvering; could you two have at least given us until 2013 till we have to start worrying about which chambray shirt totting, faux-blue collar politician is going to pretend to care about us until the next election?

See? You guys are stepping on your own toes; if you show up in Iowa too early after an election, by the time it gets to 2016 we're all going to conflate you with the GOP performance in 2012 ... and you definitely don't want that.

And 11 days is not long enough, Mr. Rubio. I'm sure you and Gov. Branstad are just super duper besties by now and the birthday cake is extra delicious and watching Lt. Gov. Reynolds send interns home crying from a drinking contest is a great way to spend a Saturday, but could you give us a couple more months before we have to do this all over again? We're tired, and we just want to eat our Thanksgiving turkey in peace.



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