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‘Twilight’ reflections

November 21, 2012 - Pam Rodgers

I went to see “Breaking Dawn Part 2” this past weekend and I have to say I was pleased with how the movie wrapped up the “Twilight Saga.” I thought it followed the book very well and the additions and subtractions they made didn’t detract from the overall plot line.

With the movie side of the story now complete, I can take a moment to reflect on the entire franchise.

To tell the truth, my entrance into the fandom was very unexpected. One of my college roommates read the books and loved them. Sarah was able to convince my sister to read them before the first movie was released but I held out. After I saw the first film, I finally caved. I had to see what I was missing.

I enjoyed reading the books. Stephenie Meyer created such an intriguing and creative world that it was hard not to get hooked.

The first film doesn’t do the first book justice, in my opinion. It was enjoyable enough but I think it could have been better if it had the budget of the last three.

The second book, New Moon, is my least favorite of the story so I wasn’t real excited for the film. The quality definitely improved from the first movie so that was a high point.

Eclipse is my favorite book and they did a great job with the movie. I think I will always prefer the book; however, the film was better than New Moon so the upward trend was nice to see.

I was a little leery of the fourth book, Breaking Dawn, being split into two movies. I was afraid that there wasn’t enough content to make two interesting movies.

I was wrong.

They did a great job with Part 1, handling some very unique content quite well. The birth scene could have been far more graphic but they did well keeping it to its main audience level (PG13).

Part 2 was a great continuation of the first movie. As I said before, it followed the book well. It wrapped the series up perfectly. I honestly wish there was another movie coming out because they did get better each time. And, I would love to see more of Bella as a vampire.

Overall, the series was very enjoyable. I am not a die-hard fan by any means but it was fun to be a part of the fandom of another book/movie series.



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