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British versions

January 20, 2013 - Wes Burns
I'm a big fan of "Top Gear."

Its a show mostly about cars, somewhat about celebrities, and all about watching British people driving ridiculously overpriced supercars through horrid terrain. Also-it is hilarious.

There are two "Top Gear"s. One is the original, British version which is excellent. The other is an American knock-off that is shown on the History channel for some reason, and is terrible.

The British version of a TV show is not always better. I still contend that the American office is better than the British original (at least the first four season of the American one). So be wary of people that tell you the British version is inherently better due to its high degree of Britishness.

Unless they're talking about "Top Gear." Or "Downton Abbey." The American version of that is awful.



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