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Sick of the snow storm and it’s not even here

February 20, 2013 - Pam Rodgers

Did you hear? It’s going to snow on Thursday.

Weather forecasters have been talking about the impending "snowpocalypse" for more than a week now. OK, I get that they want to warn us that it’s coming so we can fill our cars with gas and get necessary supplies to spend a few days at home. That part is nice to know. But, that seems to be the only thing people talk about at the moment.

Growing up in Iowa, I have experienced many winters and what weather it can bring. I am not a fan. Snow itself is actually very beautiful. However, it’s the hazardous travel conditions it creates that puts it on my list (you know what list I’m referring to).

Anyway, now that I am thoroughly forewarned, I can make my usual preparations:

• Staying with my brother — I have made arrangements to crash at my brother’s house, should the need arise.

• Gas up the car — I filled up my car with gas over my lunch break Wednesday.

• Packed for a extra day (or week) — I have a bag packed with several days of clothing. I usually over pack but I like to be overprepared.

• Entertainment — If I stay with James we usually have plenty to occupy our time. But in the event we run out things to talk about (or if he wants to watch something I don’t) then I have options so he doesn't have to hear me complain. (Which I rarely do.)

Checklist is complete. Now I am just waiting for the snow to get here — not that I really want it to come.



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