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Another fun filled movie day

February 27, 2013 - Pam Rodgers
Last Saturday, I was able to enjoy another movie day at the theater. I caught up on my “Valentine’s Day” movies and went to “Safe Haven” and “Beautiful Creatures.”

“Safe Haven” was your typical Nicholas Sparks flick. It had a budding romance and obstacles along the way to true love. This one had a little bit more of a thriller aspect to it with Julianne Hough’s character running from her troubled past. There is nothing award winning about the film, but it was good for a romantic drama.

My sister had read the book “Beautiful Creatures” so she really wanted to see the film. The movie is a flop as far as the box office is concerned but I really enjoyed the movie. I think not reading the book was an advantage with this movie. According to Trish, the movie was quite a bit different than the book. Therefore I didn’t sit there and compare everything as it unfolded on screen.

I love getting the chance to get to the theater and check out the latest of Hollywood’s offerings. My weekends have been busy as of late so I haven’t been to the theater as much as I would have liked. Let’s hope that changes as more of the big name movies release later this year.



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