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Cinco de Mayo

May 5, 2013 - Wes Burns
Its Cinco de Mayo today.

I don't know why there isn't more acceptance of Cinco de Mayo as a national holiday. Well, there is national recognition as a real holiday, but Arbor Day is a "real" holiday and nobody actually cares about Arbor Day. If they say they care about Arbor Day they're lying, or are just shilling for Big Forest.

Cinco de Mayo, which is NOT Mexican Independence Day, is a great holiday. Its a commemoration of outnumbered Mexican military forces defeating a French invading army. Who doesn't want to celebrate a military defeat for the French?

We're still hating on the French, right? I mean, on a national level? Are we still doing the whole "freedom fries" thing? If not somebody needs to let me know.

So, not only do the French get a lesson in interfering with the Western Hemisphere (Monore Doctrine for the win!) but up here in the United States we got win the Civil War as a result.

Yeah, really.

After the Mexican forces repelled the French the ruler, Napoleon III, had to stop assisting the Confederate States (to whom he was supplying arms, ships, and all the other things that the Confederacy couldn't manufacture for themselves) and redouble his efforts to contain the insurrection in Mexico.

So, no French support for the Confederacy (score!) and the Union takes the lead in the Civil War. We even returned the favor years later when we assisted in expelling Mexican Emperor Maximillian I from power. Was he later caught and executed? Sure. But that's the risk you run when you make yourself Emperor of anything.

If you're reading this on May 5 go out and celebrate. And if you're reading this on some non-May 5 date, just keep it in mind for next year.



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