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‘Iron Man 3’ is an action packed ride

May 8, 2013 - Pam Rodgers
I have always enjoyed the Iron Man movies. Let’s face it, without them the world wouldn’t have been treated to the huge blockbuster “Avengers” last year. We can all be eternally grateful to Robert Downey Jr. He really did he put the life back into the Marvel movie franchise.

Like many Americans, I have seen "Iron Man 3." I thought it was a very entertaining movie. Downey Jr. was as witty as ever as Tony Stark but also mixed in some vulnerability as he deals with what happened to him in the Avengers movie. It was very well acted by Downey Jr.

The movie wasn’t lacking in the action department. I thought it had the right balance, at least for my tastes anyway. I never felt overwhelmed by the metal-twisting fight scenes and there were plenty of comedic moments to release some of the tension. The coolest part, for me, is seeing what technology the movie designers create for Stark to use. He always seems to have best equipment as he creates his new and improved Iron Man suit, which he did a lot in this movie.

The villain in the movie was a nice change. They went beyond the “evil version of Iron Man” and came up with something very different. The believability was a bit of a stretch, but in the world where Iron Man can exit so can human regeneration, I suppose.

Ben Kingsley was fantastic as The Mandarin, one of the classic Iron Man Villains from the comic book universe. His “V for Vendetta” like news broadcasts had a chilling tone to them. I liked when we found that he ... better not spoil that one. The die hard comic book fans might not like the twist, but I did.

I thought it was a decent change for the movie. It helped place a relevant spin on The Mandarin that would make it more believable in today’s world, which seems hard to do without making the villains seem overly cheesy and mustache twirling. Of course I haven’t read the comic books so I might feel differently if that I had.

The end tied the story into a nice bow so if they decide not to make anymore Iron Man movies it would work with the storyline. The bonus scene at the end of the credits was worth sitting through the monstrous roll of credits. Mark Ruffalo and Downey Jr. have a nice, funny moment that shows the possibility for Avengers 2 is still alive and well. (Which is in the works so long as Marvel shells out the big bucks to keep Downey Jr. a part of the series.)



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