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They still do Eurovision contests

May 18, 2013 - Wes Burns
Yeah, apparently they still do the Eurovision contest.

If you don't know, the Eurovision contest is a competition between different countries to see who can write/perform the best song ... about Europe, I guess.

Imagine mixing all the fun of 'American Idol' with the kind-hearted nationalism of the Olympics. That's the Eurovision contest.

I, and I imagine countless others, assumed that this contest was for some kind of European Union national anthem; back when everybody thought the EU was a new superpower and not just Angela Merkel's House of Wacky, Broke Countries.

Poor Ms. Merkel. First president Bush gives you that super weird public shoulder rub and now every country in the EU is coming to you for a loan. I would say its going to get better, but I have the sneaking suspicion its going to get a whole lot worse first.

But I guess they're still doing this contest because I saw today that a woman named Emmelie de Forest, of Denmark, won the 2013 competition. Her song, 'Only Teardrops' sounds like the kind of music they play in eco-friendly yuppie gift stores. So ... good for her! And for Denmark!

But you guys are done now, right? Even we Americans are starting to grow tired of singing competition shows; so I think its time to bail. And if you guys need something new to obsess over take a cue from us Americans; have you heard of a little show called 'Breaking Bad?'



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