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Great collection of memories

May 22, 2013 - Pam Rodgers
My Aunt Kim celebrated her 50th birthday this past weekend. OK, her birthday is really Thursday but the family got together on Saturday. It was a joint celebration for her and her husband, my uncle, Rex who is turned 49 on Monday.

Most family gatherings happen at my Grandma's house in Montezuma, but for this occasion we held it at an "alternate" location. The English Valley B&B is just down the road from her house, and it has a really nice reception room over the bunk house.

The room is like a museum. I had fun just looking at all the antiques hung on the wall. The most interesting one, for me at least, was the 1969 Girls Basketball State Champions sign. My mom was a freshman when they won that title.

The sign sparked a great conversation with my mom and her siblings. I love to sit back and hear them talk about the days of six-on-six basketball. It’s a hot topic in our family. All of my mom’s sisters believe six-on-six should still be played at the high school level. They make a compelling argument, but that’s a topic better saved for another blog.

As for topic at hand, I was really glad to spend some time at the B&B. I've driven past the sign hundreds of times but never had a reason to stop. It was a great place to celebrate my aunt and uncle’s years on this earth. Kim may be 50 but she certainly doesn't look it! Rex isn’t doing too bad either ... except for the limp. The family’s about to stage an intervention to get him to the doctor. Stubbornness runs in the family unfortunately.



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This isn't a great photo, but at least the sign is in focus (mostly).