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I got a new battery

June 2, 2013 - Wes Burns
For a long time I've had a netbook I purchased from a company that shall remain anonymous. In case you're wondering a "netbook" is like a tablet computer and a laptop combined into a small device that isn't as cool as either of the aforementioned.

So after owning said netbook for about a minute the battery promptly died. This was a couple years ago and, being the penny pinching miser I am, I had yet to replace the battery.

Well I decided that today was the day ... well, a few days ago was the day because that's when I ordered my replacement battery from Amazon.

It arrived yesterday (who says we don't need Saturday postal service?) I hooked it up and ... something was wrong.

You see, my old battery fit flush against the back of the netbook. This NEW battery kind of juts out from the back; which didn't bother me.

Then I tried to open the screen, which pushes down on the new battery, which EJECTS the new battery, which makes me have to use only my tenuous A/C cord, which means that if my computer moves a centimeter or two in any direction it shuts off the power.

And since I've been trying to write this blog for about four power interruptions now, I'm going get out while the "getting" is good. I need a new battery.



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