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Pinata problems

July 21, 2013 - Wes Burns
Did you know that when you buy a pinata you have to fill it with candy?

If you are rolling your eyes right now then you and the guy who sold it to me should get together.

Ok, this past weekend was my first time purchasing or otherwise interacting with a pinata. My childhood had little to no pinatas involved, which due to my lack of coordination was probably for the best.

I decided to purchase an hand-made, intellectual-property-rights-free Darth Vader pinata for a friend's party. I assume it was supposed to be Darth Vader; with a different coat of paint he easily could have been King Kong but he looked enough like Vader that we hummed the theme to "Star Wars" during his pummeling.

Alright, I hummed the theme to "Star Wars." I think other people were more interested in avoiding the flying candy storm that was unleashed after the first hit.

Which brings me to my advice for anyone breaking a 31 year, no pinata streak: Buy a lot of candy. More candy than you would expect. No, even more than that. Also- generic Star Wars pinatas are definitely the way to go ... much cooler than the generic Transformers.



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