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New York adventures: Broadway

July 31, 2013 - Pam Rodgers

I’ve had a love for live theater ever since high school. The people involved with a stage show truly are the best actors in the business. For them to do a two-plus hour show night after night is one of the most impressive things in the creative arts.

I have a seen a handful of professional stage productions at the Civic Center, I honestly wish I could afford to go to more, but when I do fit it into my budget, it is a nice treat. Seeing a live show on Broadway was definitely on my bucket list, and I got to check that item off during my New York trip.

“The Phantom of the Opera” is Broadway's longest running musical with 10,607 shows and counting. I love to story. When I saw it in Des Moines in 2007, I knew it had become one of my favorite musicals of all time. It seemed like the perfect fit to see it again in one of the most famous theater districts in the world.

“Phantom” has played at the Majestic Theater since it opened in 1988. The Majestic is one of the largest theaters on Broadway. The theater is beautiful and a perfect atmosphere for theater. It has housed some of the biggest shows in theater history since it opened in 1927.

It was the perfect stage for “Phantom.”

Even though I knew the story and had seen it before, there is nothing quite like experiencing it live. Everything feels so real, as if you’re experiencing it for the first time. It is the purest sound imaginable.

As a happy coincidence, the actress that played the lead role of Christine, Marni Raab, was the same actress who played Christine on the U.S. tour in ‘07. I loved her voice then and even more on Broadway.

It was a fantastic experience, and I would love to go back. Hopefully a few years down the road I can check it off the list again.



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