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Steph and the City

September 11, 2013 - Brett Van Waus
Moving to a new small city, from a bigger city and originally from an even bigger city, can be quite a change. But so far, Marshalltown has treated this “city girl” well.

Here is a little background information about this reporter, before I share my observations. I was born in New York and lived there for a while, however, I have lived in Des Moines most of my life. So as one can imagine, Marshalltown is a quite a different pace for me, but the small town vibe is something I think I can get use to.

The second I parked my car my apartment parking lot, residents greeted me, complimented my car, asked how I was and talked to me about weather, without even knowing me. It was different than what I am use to, it was a very friendly, refreshing change.

Another thing I noticed, Marshalltown natives are very hospitable. I was missing a cable cord in my apartment and I noticed a man fixing cable on Labor Day. I walked outside and asked him if I could buy some cable. He just gave it to me (and a shout out to Mediacom) the man actually connected it to my TV—THAT DAY. In Des Moines, you would probably be charged and an appointment would most likely be needed.

I can not emphasize how friendly Marshalltown is. As someone completely new and not knowing anyone (other than my wonderful T-R coworkers), the people are always friendly and conversation could be found. Conversations have been exchanged with me in parking lots, at the store and even while waiting in line. I thought moving to a small town would be lonely, but thanks to the friendly people, it’s not.



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