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A new card game

September 18, 2013 - Pam Rodgers

My family has always been big into card games. I mentioned in another blog about our rummy adventures on my mom’s side of the family. Dad’s family is the same way, but Crazy Eights was the game of choice when my siblings and I were younger.

As we got older, we were taught more and more card games, and that continues even now. My sister learned a game from some of her Chariton teacher friends, and she was all to eager to share it with the family. The name of the game is Hand and Foot.

I had never heard of the game, and I had no idea how to gauge the game when Trish first said the name. Honestly it sounded more like an alternate title for Twister.

You need at least four players and four decks of cards. It’s better if they don’t match so they are easier to separate when the game is complete. All of the cards, including jokers, are mixed together for the game. As with every card game, you want them well shuffled. Some unique shuffling strategies are needed when you are dealing with 216 cards.

Each player is dealt 22 cards, separated into two stacks of 11. You choose one stack as your hand. These are the cards you play with right away. The second stack is kept in reserve and is called your foot, hence the title.

The game is really fun to play. However, explaining the rules is harder than actually playing it. I was going to try to type out the rules but I got through the point value of the cards and realized I was in over my head.

The best way to learn is to play with someone who knows the rules, and they can explain things as they happen. A common practice for our family is to play a “dummy hand” where you play a round where your cards are showing and the rules can be explained as you go.

After a bit of research (a.k.a. a Google search), I found out that the game is similar to Canasta. I found a link that uses pretty much the same rules that we do. You can read it here if you are interested (Hand and Foot Rules).

Once we get the hang of a card game, we start to put our own spin on it. For Hand and Foot, we have altered the game for six players and even found a way to play with two and five. Hand and Foot will definitely become part of our card game regimen. Lord knows we have enough decks of cards around the house. ;)


For those who don’t know, Crazy Eights is similar to UNO. An eight is the wild card used to change the suit. It’s a really fun game too!



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