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The only time I care about kale

September 22, 2013 - Wes Burns
I'm pretty sure kale is a scam. You've probably seen kale and you might not recognize it: it looks pretty much exactly like lettuce.

As of late people, and by "people" I mean the kind of people that blend the majority of their food THEN try to get you to blend all your food, have started incorporating kale into all sorts of drinkable recpies that will make you long for the rigid textural consistency of creamed corn.

They will tell you it's healthy; of course 10 years ago this same group of people would extol the inarguable health benefits of macrobiotics or green tea or Snackwells cookies.

If green tea is healthy but nobody talks about it, is it still good for you?

So kale is the latest in the list of undiscovered healthy foods that people have known about for hundreds of years. And I just don't care.

It's green! It's good for you!

Who cares! So are a bunch of other things!

So when do I care about kale? While watching "Chopped." That show on the Food network where cooks get a bunch of random things and have to make a meal in 10 minutes. That's the only time; because I always wonder "what are they going to do with that ridiculously boring kale?" Then they usually make it a garnish.

Can't wait until this fad is over.



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