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It’s a twin thing

September 25, 2013 - Pam Rodgers

I’ve never really allowed myself to reflect on how being a twin has affected my life. It was simply normal to have someone who is exactly like me. Someone who shared my views and interests. Someone who would listen to me talk about relatively nothing and have her own monologue ready to go in response.

I honestly have no real basis of comparison to judge if my life would have been different if I had just another brother or sister instead. It’s not something I spend hours thinking about, and I have no desire to imagine my life without my twin. I consider myself lucky to have had a constant companion in my youth. Someone to share adventures and dreams with as we looked at the world through our childlike perspectives.

Being a twin can be an instant conversation starter. You get odd, yet similar reactions when you tell people you are a twin.

When we aren’t together, people look at me like you’ve just told them a great secret. Their eyes widen saying something like “Really?” or “Wow!” or “Cool.” Some even look around as if they expect another me to pop out of nowhere. If they truly care (not everyone does), they will ask what it’s like. I can answer honestly when I say that I love having a twin.

When we are together, there is no real need to draw attention to it. Inevitably a store clerk or curious passer by will ask shyly, “Are you two sisters?” Most people opt for this question rather than going straight to asking if we are twins. The answer seems slightly obvious, but we’ve found that people hate to be wrong about such things. Trish and I are well practiced in the polite smiles and confirmation that we are in fact related. If we don’t offer the twin information immediately after, they usually ask that as a follow-up question. It would do us no good to be offended or annoyed by such inquires. A swift confirmation avoids any embarrassment for the curious soul. We are too happy to be twins to mess with people, although a sarcastic reply has been used a few times in the right situation.

An infamous story I like to share happened when we were in seventh grade. At track meets, opposing tracksters would see us together and ask us the twin or sister questions. One girl messed up her question and asked, “How do you tell each other apart?” I’m sure it was an honest mistake but she said it with absolute seriousness. I honestly don’t remember what I said, but I’m pretty sure laughter came first.

Another popular question that people ask is if we played tricks on people. For the most part the answer is no. We are much too shy too pull any major prank on people. Plus there are a few visual clues in telling us apart if you know us well enough. One the funniest thing we did was fool Trish’s new landlord when she moved to Chariton for the first time. I hadn’t met her yet, so Trish had me go into the room first. Kay talked to me as my sister until Trish entered a few seconds later. Kay was flabbergasted!!

Being a twin has definitely influenced my interests, particularly in fiction novels. If a writer chooses to pen a book about a set of twins, my interest is instantly piqued. Especially if the they are twin sisters. In fact, I am currently reading the second book of a twin series, which is probably what prompted me to write this blog. It fascinates me how each author writes the relationship between the siblings. The one thing that seems to be consistent is the twins are usually portray them as close-knit, and I’m glad for it. These characters are willing to do anything for the other, even switch places.

It’s not just books either. Growing up, Trish and I’s favorite movie was “The Parent Trap” — the Hayley Mills version, not the Lindsay Lohan one. If you haven’t seen it, you should. It’s much better in my opinion. Also the Mary Kate and Ashely Olson films were quite popular in our youth. We have seen most, if not all, and have them on VHS somewhere. I still get the urge to break out the tapes every once in a while.

Television is another area where the twin theme can lure us in. We loved the show “Sister Sister” with Tia and Tamera Mowry. The Mowry twins were a favorite of ours, and I still tune in when they appear on other projects. Other television shows have used twins as a plot point. I remember one particular episode of “The Ghost Whisper” that brought me to tears because one twin had died and needed her living sister to help move on the other side. The idea was gut-wrenching to me.

I couldn’t ask for a better sister or best friend. Now that we are leading our own adult lives, it’s easier to reflect on the years we had growing up and be grateful for them. So this blog is dedicated to my twin sister, Trish. Love you!



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