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Taking a sick day

October 18, 2013 - Pam Rodgers

I missed my usual blog spot this week because I was ill on Wednesday. I stayed home and spent the day trying to get over this cold that has been settling into my system since the weekend.

Being at home for a day in the middle of the week is strange. It throws you off your normal routine. No matter what you do, the day you return to work always feels like Monday. It’s never a good thing to have two Mondays in one week. Luckily, the effects wear off by the end of the day and your back on schedule by the next day.

A day of rest isn’t a terrible thing. I just wish it didn’t come at the price of lack of sleep due to coughing all night. It didn’t matter what cough suppressant I tried, sleep would not come in more than small doses that night. The second I found a comfortable position, my body would be racked with a round of loud hacks that would wake the dead.

When I did find a reasonable length of sleep, I was next disturbed by my alarm clock, which I had forgotten was still on. I shut the annoying contraption off and had brief images of throwing it across the room. I refrained. The alarm did prove to be a helpful reminder to let my boss know I wouldn’t be in that day; however, the coughing fits did begin once more.

I stayed in bed a good two more hours, dipping in and out consciousness until finally giving in and getting up to put on my first pot of tea and put a few slices of bread in the toaster. I then immediately found the proper medication to try to end the headache from the coughing and try to breakthrough the wall of congestion building in my lungs and sinuses.

Next, I set up my area for the day. My office at home is also a spare bedroom, well sort of. It has a twin bed in the corner. But the bed in the room makes it an ideal place to spend a sick day — plus the DVR in the room has all of my shows on it. I used the giant pillow in the room to prop myself up for more comfortable viewing (seriously, the pillow is bigger than the 47 inch flat screen in the living room and much more fluffy). I also brought in my favorite fleece blanket to be sure I was toasty warm all day. Then, I stocked the nearby table with things I’d need: Kleenex, cough drops, water, cold medicine, Germ-X and, most importantly, the remote.

By then, the tea kettle was whistling, and I trudged back to the kitchen. I selected a nice Irish breakfast tea and poured the steaming water into the tea pot to steep. I prepared my toast and grabbed a ceramic mug from the cupboard. Bringing my spoils with me, I returned to the office and found a spot on the table for my hot brew, then settled into the place that would be my perch for the rest of the day.

It was productive lazy day, if such a thing exists. In my Dayquil haze, fueled by hot tea and cough drops, I was able to catch up on some television, in between naps of course. My schedule has been full the last few weeks, which caused me to fall behind on my regular TV viewing. Plus, I was really close to finishing the second season of “Homeland” On Demand.

After my sick day, I was feeling slightly rejuvenated. Thursday was a much better day at work. I am still dealing with the cold, but I didn’t feel like putting my head down on my desk every five minutes. Now, I just have to get through Friday and hopefully I can kick this cold out of my system by next week.



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