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Don't Call it a Comeback!

January 9, 2009 - Wes Burns
I've been here for years!

Well...not years. Months, really.

Duration aside with this blog I am marking my illustrious return to the one and only legitimate business of the new millennium: blogging.

I know that my absence has left a number of you distraught and disenfranchised and to those of you I apologize. To those of you that didn't notice I haven't blogged in almost a month I offer no apology, only condemnation. How dare you?!

A calender year has passed. Somebody chucked some shoes at the current President. The Sham Wow guy is now applying his smarmy charm to yet another useless product. What have I been doing during this most busiest of interims?

I've been drinking.

Whoa, whoa! What's this? A tacit support of alcoholism? Some crypto-capitalist endorsement vis a vis patronage? Short answer: no. Long answer: all sorts of no.

Anybody who as ever seen me at a bar (read: public house) will laugh at the notion of me even considering what I do at a bar "drinking". I like alcohol alright but I'm no heavy drinker. But I really do love bars.

The holiday season having just past meant that the normally spendthrift coffers of social opportunity were overflowing with returned friends and visiting family. And since the limits of gathering places dwindles more and more as the years press on we went out to the bars.

So ubiquitous is this problem that, when you bump into some visiting almost-friend the conversation will inevitably contain the phrase: "We're at the bar. What else is there to do in Marshalltown?"

Other than late-night Wal-Mart excursions and slowly driving past the Elf Man's house to reassure ourselves that it still exists there are no other options. So to the bar we go.

This recent bar indulgence period has been, as wiser men than I have said, fun on the bun. I've seen many of my old friends, achieved an insurmountable top score on Music and General Trivia with my friends Lexy and Ryan, saw my old college roommate Vrba, repeatedly bested my friend Krista at 3-2-1 Zap (I write for the paper, I make the record) and figured out how to disguise a series of shout outs as a blog entry.

And I was happy to see these and all of my unmentioned friends. But, as the new year has dawned I look out at the upcoming events of this year: the continued presence of Ultra-Woppper-Doppler Radar, the inevitable catastrophe of the DTV conversion and the beleaguered state of Marshalltown's...everything.

I'm going back to the pub.


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