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Somewhere off your iPhone

December 19, 2013 - Brett Van Waus
This reporter used 14 GB of internet in less than a month on her iPhone, apparently, that’s a lot of data. Last week I shut off my cellular data, being that I have no wifi in my apartment. I used only the necessities of my phone. Let me repeat myself. The only thing I used on my phone for an entire week was the actual phone, the text messages (excluding everyone with iMessage, which more than half of my contacts have), music and the camera. For someone who is a social media fanatic, I managed to make it through the week. First I have to admit, I was upset over any public place without free wifi, but it got better. It actually wasn’t as brutal as I thought it would be. During that week I made Christmas cookies from scratch and decorated them, I watched a Knicks game without live tweeting each play by play, I focused more on my work outs and even created one, I went to bed early each night and put up Christmas lights up in my apartment. It was kind of refreshing to get away from my phone, even though I had no other option. I actually had a fun week. The only thing I really missed was Facetime chats with my family and sending funny 10-second videos to my friends. Sometimes people or maybe it’s just me, get so caught up in the world of social media. I challenge those who are caught up in it like I was to live it instead of reposting it.



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