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Are they supposed to eat the medals?

January 31, 2014 - Wes Burns
The McPeople at McDonalds are usually the first people out the door to start celebrating the Olympics.

They spend hundreds of millions of dollars trying to convince us that world class athletes at the top of their game spend their off-time eating 10 cent burgers and washing it down with sugar water.

Not soda. I’m pretty sure McDonalds is putty sugar in their regular water now.

But with this Olympics being mired in controversy, and since we’ve decided we don’t really like the Russians anymore, McDonalds ads has been mysteriously absent from our TV screens.

But since when has McDonalds ever backed down from endorsing a questionable, grey-market product before?

So the Golden Arches have started to eke out a few ads, but ... I don't really know what they mean.

I get it: McDonalds can go their normal route of showing our current Olympic team strolling around the latest Olympic village, eating some burgers, maybe a mcnugget, then show the American flag a few times. Done. That's the standard formula, give or take a Bob Costas.

Well, the normal approach isn't working since McDonalds doesn't actually SHOW Sochi. Instead they are showing a commercial were previous Olympic medal winners are shown with their medals, then they show some of them eating McDonalds, then ... for some reason ... they show the former medal winners biting down on their medals, then intercut that with footage of said athletes biting a mcnugget.

Is this a thing? Is Olympic athletes biting their medals a thing? Do they think its not real gold? Would they know what real gold bites like?

Hopefully this ad passes soon, otherwise its going to end up like every other absurd yet memorable ad: with me bemoaning the ad until I finally capitulate and just buy their product. And I don't really feel like going to a jewelry store every time I'm hungry.



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