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Where are the medals?

February 20, 2014 - Wes Burns
My late night schedule and love of eccentric sports has me watching a lot of the Winter Olympics. Biathlon, curling, two to four person bobsled; what’s not to love? The problem that I have with NBC, despite thinking that it is acceptable to replace Bob Costas with either Matt Lauer OR Meredith Vieira, is that every time the winner is announced, even when that winner is an American, NBC cuts to another sport. What happened to letting us watch the medal ceremony? The medal ceremony is kind of a big deal in the Olympics, but for some reason this year I've seen more medals awarded in McDonald's commercials than I have on NBC. Am I just missing them? Maybe; I can't say I'm watching all 27 hours of Olympic coverage NBC or NBC's website per day. But if the medal ceremony has been relegated to the "second screen" of my phone I'm just not going to watch. And if they AREN'T showing them, then they should start. These athletes play sports that people only care about once every four years; let them have their turn to sing a warbly and off key rendition of the national anthem.



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