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‘Little Lord Kirby’

February 26, 2014 - Pam Rodgers

My sister has been dog sitting this month for a friend while she and her husband were in Florida. Well, I have met Kirby several times now and he is a peculiar little dog. First of all, I was able to read the two-page letter from his owner where she describe him as “Little Lord Kirby.” This lady must really love her dog.

Kirby is not a big dog. He is a West Highland White Terrier, or a Westie. He is pretty cute when he’s not trying to knock over the garbage. For being a 10 year old dog, he has a lot of energy. He may not play fetch or tug-of-war as long as some of the younger dogs, but he’ll give you a good effort. Most of the time, he just wants to sit on your lap or sprawl across your legs in the recliner.

Kirby does have one habit that I have never seen another dog do. He will lay down on his stomach, extend his hind legs backwards and then army crawl across the living room carpet. OK, it’s not that strange. It’s a good way to scratch his belly when he needs to (and no he doesn’t have fleas). But the other thing that he does is he will head-butt the floor and use his hind legs to propel him forward. He ends up doing several barrel rolls in a circle before he’s done. It’s funny to watch.

Kirby loves going for walks. He is very curious and has to sniff at everything and mark his territory. It is fun to go on walks except for one thing, he is very white. When it was warming up, Trish took him for several walks, which consequently made him get very dirty so Trish had to give him a bath. Kirby doesn't mind taking baths, however getting brushed is another story.

Kirby is a temperamental pooch. If you have done something to displease him, he will ignore you for a long time. He is not above laying in his kennel with his back turned when he no longer wants to be in your company. Trish found out just how long he could hold a grudge after she brushed him. He ignored her for the rest of the night. He pepped up only slightly when she took him outside, but even then he would only sit on her lap for moments at a time, and he would hardly look at her.

There is no doubt that the little guy is pampered. He’s such a cute little dog, so who could blame them. Trish came to Garwin this weekend, and the whole family was there. In a matter of minutes, Kirby had the whole house under his control.

Trish will have to adjust back to life without a dog when his owners return Saturday. I think she will miss him more than she lets on. She insists that she doesn’t want a dog right now. We’ll see how long that lasts. ;)



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