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Travolta’s special name game

March 5, 2014 - Pam Rodgers

I will now be known at “Paige Reegers.” That way if John Travolta ever announces my name, it might come close to being correct.

By now, most people have seen or heard about how the tongue tied Travolta butchered Idina Menzel’s name at the Oscars, or Adele Dazeem as he called her. He was not the first teleprompter stumble of the evening, but it certainly the most notable.

It was especially shocking to me because I am a fan of Idina Menzel and was looking forward to her performing at the Oscars. But I couldn’t concentrate on the performance because I was trying to figure out how he could transform “Idina Menzel” into “Adele Dazeem.”

You could tell by his face that he knew half way through “Adele” that he was saying it wrong. But it was past saving at that point so he just mumbled through the rest and waited for the spotlight to go dark. I can imagine he sprinted from the stage.

The public reaction was immediate. The social media world exploded. I’m not sure Idina’s performance was over before the Twitter handle for @AdelaDazeem was created. Now there is even a “Travoltified” name tool on so you to can have your name “Travoltified” like me, Paige Reegers.

Don’t worry. The Internet world will let it go once the next celebrity does something equally ridiculous. But until that time, I think we can all praise Adele Dazeem for her performance at the Oscars. But I think Idina Menzel sings it better. ;)


For your very own “Travoltified” name click here.



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