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The Times-Ruffpublican, Central Iowa's news from a dog's view

March 14, 2014 - Brett Van Waus
News Playtime extended Dogs were seen in backyards throughout the town panting and playing Friday afternoon. IT’S A MIRACLE. The cold white stuff on the ground is disappearing and dogs were allowed to stay outside longer. “My master played fetch with me outside for a really long time,” said Beasley, a local Basset Hound. “He was happy, until he let me in and I tracked mud in the house.” JR, a local black lab, said he went on a run with his owner. “We ran outside for a really long time,” JR said. “My owner didn’t even stop until we were at a park. Then he threw a ball. It was the best day ever.” Dogs are advised to stay outside as much as they can because the climate changes daily.

There’s a new mailman in town. Dogs were heard barking and seen chasing a new mailman on Center Street Friday afternoon. “He said, ‘Shut-up’ and ‘Leave me alone’,” said Max, a Great Dane of the 300 block. “He didn’t even try to pet me.” Oatmeal, a cocker-spaniel, of the 200 block, said the mailman was nice to her, despite her barking. “He starting petting me through the fence,” Oatmeal said. “He scratched behind my ear, I had to stop barking... For today.” The new mailman comes around 3 p.m. Dogs are advised to whine until they are let out.

Crime A local dog who ate a large piece of meat has been locked up in a kennel. Melo, a Mastiff, was left in his kennel Friday, after eating the piece of meat left on the coffee table. “My master left the room for 10 minutes,” Melo said. “10 minutes is a long time and he knows I’m hungry.” Melo was released from his kennel 30 minutes after the incident.

Trends A local dog was seen with a new type of treat Friday. Greta, a Bichon Frise, was seen prancing on Main Street with a dog treat that looked similar to human food. “The bag read ‘Gourmet dog treat,’” Greta said. “I don’t know what that means, but it’s good.” Greta said she received the treat when she left the vet’s office after receiving a shot.

Sports Dog breaks jump record. Blake G., a local chocolate lab, leaped 6 ft. in the air and stunned dozens of masters Friday. “I always practice my jumps,” Blake G. said. “That ball had a treat inside, I had to get it.” Blake G. said his new goal is to jump even higher with the hope that inside the ball would be human food.



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