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The top three

April 23, 2014 - Brett Van Waus
This week the Huffington Post released a list of top the 12 rudest things people do on a daily basis. The list consisted of things like walking in the middle of the sidewalk, clipping nails in public (my biggest pet peeve) and people who slam doors on the person behind them. I agreed with most of those things on the list. However, I thought there should be a few more. Number one. It’s not a big problem in Marshalltown, but it drives me nuts when people use the left lane on a highway for anything but passing. My thoughts are if you’re driving and you need to get somewhere quick without speeding, passing is a good option and that’s what that lane is for. People who drive 10 miles under the speed limit in that lane are just rude too. Easy solution use the left lane for passing only. Number two. People who allow babies to cry in restaurants. There is nothing like a romantic late dinner with someone special at a nice restaurant and hearing a sscreechingbaby in the background. It happens all the time. As a customer at these establishments my thoughts are why is a 2-year-old child out at 9 p.m., how can the parents just sit there and watch their baby cry and why is everyone else in the restaurant not acting annoyed like me? Easy solution- if you’re a parent leave the restaurant with your child. As a former waitress throughout high school and college, I know the server would not care if he or she would box up your food if you left to take care of your child. If it’s before the meal, as a waitress, I always gave crying kids crackers to eat before the meal. Most of the time kids are hungry and that’s why they cry. Number three. Using your phone excessively This might have been on the Huffington Post’s list too, but it deserves to be brought up twice. The blog name, ‘Somewhere on your iPhone’ isn’t named that name for nothing. People are always on their phones. Whether they are crushing candy, taking selfies or scrolling through the news feed, it’s excessive I’m guilty of it, we all are. However, in my opinion it’s very rude to constantly be on your phone at dinner, while having a conversation or when you’re with someone. My boyfriend and I were on a dinner date when we first started dating and we noticed this other couple sitting at the booth close to us, they were both locked in on their iPhone while waiting for their food. We vowed never to be that couple. Easy solution- put the phone away while you’re with others. Use it when you have to. This blog makes me sound older than the 23-year-old woman I am, but we do these things so much, sometimes we aren’t aware of it. It’s not life-changing if these things aren’t done, but it would sure make the world a better place.



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