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Backyard activities

April 30, 2014 - Pam Rodgers

It was such a beautiful day on Saturday. You wouldn’t be able to tell because the last few days of wet, rainy and cold weather, but it was. I have the sunburn to prove it.

I was visiting my sister this weekend and we decided to get out and enjoy the weather while we could. So we grilled out and had a nice picnic on her deck. Once the lunch time was over though. We were in no hurry to go back indoors. So we tried to think of an activity we could do in her backyard.

Our usual go to is to play catch, but alas I had left my glove in Garwin so that was out. We used to love to play catch with a football but Trish doesn’t have one. In fact, she didn’t have anything we could toss around the backyard, unless a shot put and discus counts (short answer: it doesn’t).

So besides putting that on her shopping list the next time she is at the store, we were still trying to figure out a replacement activity. We considered going for a walk, but Trish had her house all opened up and didn’t want to have to close it up while we we walking around town. It’s nice to let the fresh air in after a long winter.

Then an idea struck me. We could toss a Frisbee around. We had a ton growing up and even brought a few to college, so I thought for sure Trish would have one.

Well, she did. But it was one of the small freebie ones you get from the state fair. Not what I was thinking, but we went with it.

It worked out for the best. We were watching Trish’s boyfriend’s sheltie and the Frisbee was small enough that she could join in the game as well. Justin’s dog loves to play fetch. We played for hours. Well, the dog got hot and tired so she just watched us from the shade after about 30 minutes. It then became a game of figuring out the wind and making sure the Frisbee didn’t end up on someone’s roof. It was great.

Next time I visit, I’ll be sure the put my softball bag in my car and bring Trish a decent Frisbee. Then we will be all set to enjoy the next beautiful day having fun in the backyard.



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