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Mastering the stove

May 14, 2014 - Brett Van Waus
When it comes to womanly duties I clean, I’m in shape and I’m wonderful at taking care of others. But one of the main, stereotypical, womanly duty has always been a big fear of mine. I gained a phobia of the oven after a few days of throwing up from undercooked chicken parmesan I made. I tried countless times to make other foods but failed tremendously. I've burnt meatballs, macaroni, cinnamon rolls, frozen pizza and several other foods. When it comes to meals, I was only good at making three things quesadillas, salads and grilled cheese. Two of those items are essentially the same thing and a child could make a salad. My mom tried for years to teach me how to cook. I figured I was just missing that cooking gene, sorry John. I went to the grocery store Saturday and decided to really try and conquer my fear of cooking after I spent about two weeks online reading different recipes. I bought chicken, lemon pepper, asparagus and dinner rolls. I was hoping it wouldn't be hard. This time I was careful. Instead of throwing a chicken on the skillet, I cut the breast into thin slices, put butter on the pan and cooked the chicken using lemon pepper. I made the asparagus on the skillet and did not burn the dinner rolls. I was shocked that nothing went wrong and it tasted delicious. This was a great accomplishment for me. I conquered my fear. I learned I should never give up and practice takes perfect.



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