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Unexpected, yet welcome

July 16, 2014 - Pam Rodgers

Who’s ready for Friday night football?

Wait a minute, it’s still the middle of July — though when you walk outside it feels more like a beautiful autumn day. These past few days have set aside our normal hot and muggy July days and gifted us with cool, dry conditions. It has been a rare treat to open up the windows and shut off the air conditioners — at least for a few days. There’s nothing like letting the fresh air in the house.

This morning I did a double take. I walked out to my car, which had been parked outside overnight, and stopped. It looked like my windows had frosted over! I’m not certain where my ice scraper is at the moment. Luckily upon closer examination, it was merely dew, and my wipers took care of it in one swipe.

Now, my glasses are not rose colored. I know full well that in a few days, the weather will realize it’s in the wrong season and hit us with those 90+ days full of humidity. However, I’ll enjoy this brief break of cooler weather while we have it.



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